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AJ Rasmussen –

Throughout her life, AJ often found herself in deep conversations with people she didn’t know. These strangers willingly opened their hearts and shared their stories of sadness, hurt, happiness, achievements, fears, and frustrations. At the end of these conversations, they would openly confess that they rarely, if ever, talked about their feelings with their AJ Rasmussen - Soul Wanderingsfriends, let alone a stranger. “You’re so easy to talk to,” they would say, and “You’re such a great listener.” Admittedly, AJ felt weighed down and exhausted after these encounters. She questioned why people would share such deep and personal things with her. She wondered what she was supposed to do with all of her (and their) emotional energy. AJ was thankful for the opportunity to be there for them, but she wondered how she could better help them besides only listening and then saying goodbye. She wanted to do more than offer a hug or a box of tissues.

After several years of experiences like these and going through some significant challenges, AJ headed down a spiritual path. One of the many things that she learned was that she was an empath. Learning this explained the emotional and physical aftermath she experienced from having someone share such intimate stories with her. She also knew that being an empath was a special gift. 

Learning to navigate her life as an empath has been challenging; however, it has allowed AJ to receive so many answers that she had been seeking. Knowing these answers, she was able to heal from the pain of her past trauma and abuse. AJ knew without a doubt that her life calling was to hold space for others, to offer them the safe space she wished she’d had. Therefore, she decided to create a life centered around assisting others this way, with the people and tools that helped her on her own journey. 

AJ now owns and operates a heart-centered healing center and spiritual retail shop, Vibez ~ Mind, Body, Spirit, in Ogden, UT.

In collaboration with a few fantastic partners, some special educators, practitioners, and “healers,” they offer one-on-one sessions and classes to assist in healing the mind, body, spirit, and heart. 

AJ loves gathering humans of all kinds to join in sharing their authentic truth and their personal journey stories. “When we share our authentic truth and own all of the aspects of our truth, even the messy parts, especially the messy parts, we help heal each other, and in doing so, we help heal ourselves.”

Natalie Peace –

Natalie Peace - Soul WanderingsThere is one job that everyone is 100% qualified to do, and that is being themselves. In a lifelong search for what that exactly means, Natalie has gathered a treasure trove of knowledge, her studies of spirituality, and the way the universe operates.

Natalie connects easily with everyone. All her life, she has been able to connect with others. Give her five minutes with a stranger, and she will learn much about their life. Many times in her life, her social nature hasn’t always been a benefit. Once she discovered how to get compensated for that innate talent and her time, everything changed for her and became infinitely more manageable.

It is about the practical application of consciousness. Until you walk it, you cannot truly understand it. So this human experience is just the playground to discover how to keep that internal light aglow.

Natalie’s favorite title is Human Wilderness Guide. She meets people in their wilderness and guides them using her knowledge and experience. Natalie specializes in Grief Coaching and Human Design and takes clients at Vibez ~ Mind, Body, Spirit in Ogden, UT, and also via Zoom.

Vibez – Ogden, Utah

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At Vibez ~ Mind, Body, Spirit, we are committed to connecting you with healing modalities that can manifest a pure and healthy change in one’s life. These methods of healing are often considered to be unconventional but have proven to be practical approaches to getting our clients the results they truly desire.

If you can’t come into our store in Ogden, please visit us online at

Vibez of Ogden Utah
amethyst crystals
Spiritual Healing Classes

Address:  168 W. 36th St. Ogden, UT 84403



Phone Number:  (385) 244-1099

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday – 10:00 – 4:00 p.m.



The Sacred Raven

Ritual Bath Soaks

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The Sacred Raven Ritual Bath Soaks were created with a dream and a trust that bodies can heal, AJ dove deep onto a path of natural remedies that included plants and oils. Hours turned into months, then years, and a beautiful connection was made. Now AJ creates many natural concoctions combined with her belief and love of the metaphysical using crystal powders, reiki energy, palo santo, and sound vibration in each small bath.

Sacred bathing brings together the ancient traditions of meditation and prayer, connecting you to the spirit and yourself while also purifying your energy.

Creating a ritual with your healing can enhance your experience and make it that much more sacred and special.

The Sacred Raven Bath Soaks
The Sacred Raven Bath Soaks
The Sacred Raven Bath Soaks
The Sacred Raven Bath Soaks

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