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AJ Rasmussen

AJ Rasmussen


AJ Rasmussen owns and operates a heart centered healing business, Vibez ~ Mind, Body, Spirit in Ogden, UT. Through her own series of events, AJ has learned to heal from her own trauma and abuse and now holds a deep passion in assisting others in rediscovering their strength and heal from these experiences.

AJ is an Intuitive Crystal Energy Healer and  Clairsentient / Claircognizant Empath specializing in post-traumatic healing and emotional release. She finds her happiest of moments when her clients discover their own strength and find their greatness and inner beauty through their own healing journeys.

AJ is committed to her radio show and takes pride in bringing together many different educators, healers and spiritual teachers to assist individuals in their own journey of self-healing and spirituality.

AJ has one son, two dogs and her spare time loves creating art, being outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.

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